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Farang Ding Dong Ling

Ling here is a special girl, she has one of the biggest pair of tits anyone has ever seen. We went over to her and asked farang ding dong ling if she’d agree to do a shoot for us, and show everyone her huge tits. She weighs a total of 200lb’s out of which about 60lb’s is just her huge juicy round tits. She considers herself a bit of a ugly duckling but we’re sure most of you will fine her quite cute. Check her out at farangdingdong.com and see her show her huge tits for you. This specific post is exactly how you wanted to see so check it out right away, cause it’s so damn hot! Stay tuned to see what is this cute babe going to do with herself and get ready to see how she is going to press those XXL boobies with her arms and palms. Have fun!


See Ling posing topless and showing her huge boobs! 

Farang Ding Dong June

Hey there cuties! It’s nice to see you again after all this time! How are you? Are you eager to have a look at what we have new around here? We have a surprise for you as farang ding dong June is one of the biggest girls we had here and we brought to you a gallery of pics to please your sight! At a staggering 84 inches circumference June’s giant boobs dangle all the way down to her knees while she leans. Her huge knockers protrude out at lest three feet in front! Just imagine squeezing this cutie’s big tits and shoving your hard cock in between those extra large tits! Do you wanna see more? Stay around and we will have you enjoy this amazing gallery!

One nice and ideal girl brought to you today by farangdingdong, just for your pleasure. All you have to do is have a seat and watch this cutie as she is going to pose sexy just for you guys! As follows you are going to see her exposing her sexy body together with these huge tits! Just take a look at her as she is going to pose topless just covering her big nipples with those tiny hands! You just have to see this chick’s gallery posing topless! Isn’t she teasing you somehow with those enormous knockers? This babe is really proud of her big titties and she thought she might show them to you too! How about not wasting any more time as you are invited to join us, so that later on you could have access to all these hot pics and videos that we have around! Don’t worry, we won’t bite, cum around right now to check out everything around here!

sexy june showing off her huge titsClick here and watch sexy June posing topless!

Farang Ding Dong – Dear

Hey guys, did you liked what you saw the other day around here and you came to check out what’s new? We have some new pics around here and we wanna share them with you! That is why farang ding dong is here again, and we aim to bring you another hot lady with absolutely amazing and big tits. You already know here and you’ve seen her before she’s Dear and this dearie steps it up in this update as she gets around to do a very hot photo shooting in the very sexy and revealing swimsuits today. Did we got your interest guys? Stay around and we will have you watch all the most recent pics soon! Don’t worry you will have enough time to check them all out!

As it was this cutie’s time to cum along to pose her, we thought we might do something special just to show to you those huge titties of hers! That is why we invited her over and we had a lots of bathing suit for her to try and pose with! If at first she was a little bit shy, just like in this other hot gallery, soon after that she was really proud of her sexy body so she began exposing her hot smoking body from each part! Have you had some time to look at this amazing gallery of pics? Just have a seat and watch those giant melons be barely covered by those tiny clothes. And what could we say about that eager pussy of hers, it barely gets covered in that pink bathing suit guys! What are you waiting for? These hot pics seem just like an invitation to cum over to enjoy even more pics and videos with this cute babe! Join us and enjoy what else we have around!


Click and watch sexy Dear playing with her huge melons! 

Gik playing with her big boobs

Hey there guys! We thought that you might be interested in seeing more from where this came from, that is why we have prepared some new hot gallery of pics for you! Did you manage to have a look at them from close by? Our team Farang ding dong is back again this week and you can already guess who we had back for more pictures. Gik was really eager to shoot more galleries since we told her that you guys really wanted to see more of her so she was happy to oblige. Doesn’t she look extremely hot fellas? And this is not all as this sexy brunette babe wanted to tease you and she chose to expose her extra large tits in this tiny bathing suit in all sorts of positions, so have a seat so that we could watch this entire thing with you!

It all started from you guys as we had some time to look around all your requests! We are so glad that you liked the models that we chose to present to you and as you were interested in seeing this cute babe one more time we thought we might do this for you! As follows we have a fresh new gallery that we brought to you, so have a seat so that you could watch lovely Gik along with her giant tits posing around the house and garden in this awesome update. It seems like she was looking forward to do some hot pics for you and she has a tiny bathing suit trough which you could see a big part of those extra large boobies! How about having a look around to see what else are you interested in? Enjoy this amazing gallery! Bye!


Check out this cute asian showing off her monster tits!

Farang Ding Dong – Sexy white bikini

Welcome around studs! How are you today? Are you eager to have a look at some fresh new hot scenes and maybe at some sexy models? For this farang ding dong update we have another new lady to present for you. This beauty has some very interesting fetishes and preferences! As soon as she came over to our place, this gorgeous lady straight up told us that she wanted to wear the most revealing and sexy swimsuits that we had, so we obliged and gave her a metallic bikini swimsuit to wear. And man do her tits look awesome in that sexy swimsuit or what. Well, it barely covered her perky nipples , so what could you think about those extra large titties of hers? How about having a seat, so that you could relax and enjoy this cute asian babe’s hot gallery of pics?

Well, I dunno how much do you know about her but this cutie had a fight with one of her female friend with some guy and we actually got to pose them! We were really surprised in the end when these two chicks started to play with each other as this brunette babe was just between this brown-haired lady’s legs spread wide open so that she could play with her eager peach! Can you even imagine what happened over there? These two horny ladies were just looking for some attention and they wanted to tease you so that later on they could really turn you on! How about taking some time so that you could have a look at this entire gallery of pics? All you gotta do is join our community and you will receive full access all around here! Enjoy your tour around!


Watch as this cute asian exposes her huge juggs!

Nong in sheer white shirt

Hey you guys! We thought that you might never cum back! Where have you been in the last couple of days? did you thought that you can find some other site with all these sexy models? Well, you were wrong! Today it was time that in this farang ding dong update we bring you Nong again, for her follow up photo shoot. So in this gallery update you get to enjoy one of your favorites again. This time she wanted to go a step further and please some of your fetishes about swimsuits, so enjoy her dressing in some tight bikinis and watch her play with her massive jugs. Did you thought that you were going to see this cure brunette babe in such a sexy photo shooting? Well, how about not wastina any more time and you could have a look at these amazing babe with her extra tits in some provocative outfits?

It was a very beautiful day outside and we thought we might get to call this gorgeous brunette over to our studio for some fresh new photos, cause we knew you guys were looking forward to get some sexy photos! So in the first place this cutie Nong was about to wear a sheer white shirt trough which everyone could have a look at those extra large tits of hers and at her perky nipples too! Soon after that she was about a wear only the upper part of her bathing suit just to tease you even more guys with those huge melons of hers! Next thing we knew she had a one piece bathing suit on and it was closing in the front, so she thought she might just lie over somewhere and pose sexy for you! Enjoy!


See this hottie displaying her huge boobs and big nipples!

Farang Ding Dong – Kim

Hey guys, where have you been as we have been expecting for you to cum back in the last couple of days! Don’t worry, you will have the chance to catch up as in what follows farang ding dong  is here again with another quick update. Today we thought we might bring to you a very hot photo shooting that we got to do over the last weekend and we were really eager to show it to you, hence the earlier update time. This gorgeous lady’s name is Kim and just like many of our ladies she packs an impressive duo of killer tits. Are you interested in checking up on her? Stay around and we will have you watch this cutie and this entire gallery of pics! Have a seat as we are going to give you the chance of enjoying all these amazing pics! Enjoy watching naughty Aom too!

What a better day to start a fresh new day if not with this cutie’s hot pics? It seems like she was willing to pose sexy for you guys, that is why she agreed to cum over to this amazing place where we were going to shoot one more time! And we had everything prepared the only thing was that she had to dress all these wearing items! In the beginning she was so thrilled to show off once again with those big tits and she chose to expose them to you in this black bra! Soon after that she covered them with a blue blouse but it still does look pretty hot right? Well, guys, in this moment we are going to invite you over to that you could enjoy her showing off her giant breasts for this one. Cum back for more soon!


Watch her squeezing her enormous juggs in that bra! 

Priew exposing herself

Hi there folks! Were you looking for something new around here? We thought we might please your sight with some more hot pics, so we invited one hot brunette babe to join us today! It was another special day here at our amazing farang ding dong studio. Why? Because today we have another newcomer into our pantheon of gourgeous and sweet giant titted ladies. This fresh lady is named Priew and she’s just got out of college. This sexy babe said to us that all these other girls were always jealous of her big round and juicy tits, because it caused guys to always gravitate towards her. How about having a seat so that you could enjoy this extra tittied babe as she is going to expose her giant melons in some sexy pics? Stay around and we will have you watch this cutie posing sexy just for you fellas!

We are always waiting for new models to cum around and we were so glad to have around this cute babe! As soon as we noticed her, we knew that she was going to be our next model for today! So we thought we might have a hot photo shooting! Wanna see this beautiful Asian chick getting wild? How about checking out all these hot pics that we have around together? At first we asked her to make some photos without a bra, so that everyone could enjoy those big nipples cumming out from her blouse and tease you all! Soon after that she posed with a bra and in the end this nasty babe was going to expose those huge melons and cover her perky nipples! Are you willing to see much more extra large tittied babe? In this case, all you have to do is join us and enjoy!


Check out this sexy teen flashing her enormous tits!

FarangDingDong – Ming

Welcome aboard boys and girls! We have been expecting for you to cum back as this cutie also is around to tease you once again with her huge melons! In this amazing farangdingdong update we bring back Ming. Have you ever thought that you were going to see her again? The teen lady that impressed you with her massive boobs so many times so far is here once again as she has something else to show you! Some new amazing pics that she decided to share with you! And today she’s wearing even sexier and more revealing clothes. Are you eager to see this cute teen exposing her large tits? Stay around and we will have you watch this entire gallery of pics in no time! Take a look at cute Lek too!

It was a wonderful evening for us the other day as this cutie just came back for more! So we didn’t wanted to keep her waiting and asked her to pick some clothes that she thought suitable for what was about to follow! Soon after that we headed to a place where we could do some outdoor and indoor pics! At first she was pretty shy and covering her huge tits with the upper part of a bathing suit but soon after that she began revealing them to us more and more! Have you even managed to see this cutie showing off in her bathing suits? For today she chose a metalic bathing suit and a pink one just to show you that she has a hot smoking body! So just sit back, relax and enjoy lovely Ming strike sexy poses in her pink swimsuit and other clothes that barley cover her massive tits. Until next time, enjoy all these hot pics!meen-playing-with-her-nipples

Enjoy as this sweet asian teen reveals her huge boobs!

Farang Ding Dong – Sexy Poi

Hi guys! Did you missed us? We surely did miss you and all these fine ladies all around ! As it was a sunny day outside we thought we might return to you guys as today farang ding dong is proud to bring you the very sexy Poi again along with her unbelievably giant breasts in this update. It never amazes how pretty and beautiful this lovely lady is and how good she looks in just about any clothing that she wears. Amongst the normal stuff you get to see her pose in a incredibly sexy white swimsuit. Have you ever thought that you will have the chance to see this cutie exposing those enormous tits just in front of your eyes? Well, we are giving you the chance to enjoy these amazing knockers from close by, just have a seat and watch this cutie!

As we are all day long looking for some hot chicks willing to be our models, of course they had to have those huge tits to be in our team, we thought we might present to you this cute brunette teen today! We were pretty impressed of her gorgeous body and we thought we might have the chance to do a very hot photo shooting in the apartment where we were at! As she accepted there was nothing else to do except pose! At first this cutie took her blouse off and she was looking for teasing us with her big tits in a bra and next thing this nasty babe did, she took it off! In the end she was going to expose those goodies to you, so that you could enjoy them entirely! Are you willing to see more hot pics? Join us and enjoy!


Check out this hot asian showing off her amazing juggs!

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