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Ling posing in her bra

In this update farang ding dong is proud and happy to bring you Ling, the lovely short haired brunette that caught your attention in a few updates back. This truly busty beauty is back again this week to show you her routine of how she likes to take care of her massive tits, the way she caresses them and plays with them every day. Until next time.

ling-in-her-sexy-bra Click here and watch Ling taking her bra off!

Farang Ding Dong – Sexy Dear

Farang ding dong is back again this week and we have yet another regular. He’s the lovely big busted Asian named Dear, and we shouldn’t have to tell you that the name does this hot brunette justice as she’s the cutest thing you’ll see. And if you’re lucky enough to be with her you know you’ll be in paradise when you have a gf with tits as big as hers.


Watch this cutie playing with her huge nipples!

Sweet Appun exposing herself

As you’re used to by now, you know farang ding dong is always here to deliver the best looking ladies with pair of gigantic boobs for your enjoyment. This week is another lady’s turn to pose for our cameras along with her massive hugs. She’s Appun and you just have to see this sweet Asian girl show off her tits just for you today. Enjoy everyone.


 Watch this hot asian exposing her monster tits!

Farang Ding Dong – Naughty Aom

This time farang ding dong brings you another hottie with monster tits that you’ve never seen before. She’s named Aom and she told us that she always wears revealing clothes just to tease the guys. Well you can sure bet she knows how hot she looks with her giant breasts barely covered by her clothes and we aimed to bring you just that in this update.


See this teen with huge boobs and slim body posing sexy!

Nath wearing a tight top

In this farang ding dong update lovely and sexy Nath makes a comeback. And don’t worry she’s got tits just as big as any other lady that we have here. This time Nath wanted to try on some transparent clothes saying that it makes her look sexier. And we knew she was right, so watch those giant tits try to burst out from under those tight clothes she wears.


 Click here and see this cutie displaying her monster tits!

Farang Ding Dong – Cute Lek

In this farang ding dong update another one of your favorite ladies returns. You guessed it, it’s Lak and her giant boobs that are the main attraction of this update. For this one she posed around in some revealing clothes but for the end she did take them off to reveal her massive tits in all of their glory. We hope to see you soon with our next update.


Watch this sexy asian teen rubbing her enormous juggs!

Gorgeous Dengmon

Another week and another awesome and hot farang ding dong update. Today our guest giant titted star is Dengomon. She’s a lovely Asian brunette with quite a sizable bust. And she agreed to pose for us in some very tight and revealing clothes. So without further due, enjoy lovely Dengomon as she puts her giant tits on display just for you. Enjoy everyone!



Watch this stunning asian babe rubbing her huge melons!

Farang Ding Dong – Sexy Nam

Hey there everyone, today farang ding dong has a special treat for you. In our ventures to scout for more busty ladies we cam across this hottie right here. Her name is Nam and she was actually quite eager to pose in our galleries. And let us tell you, the scene where she wears a purple minimalistic bikini is just the best as it makes her looks super sexy.


Check out as this hottie plays with her enormous melons! 

Farang Ding Dong – Naughty Betty

Hey guys farang ding dong is back again today, and we bring you one of our regulars. Her name is Betty and she has a bust that made to impress. This busty teen told us she’s always turning heads when she’s walking down the street and it’s not hard to see why. So for today you get to enjoy Betty’s massive tits too in this awesome update. Enjoy!


Watch as sexy Betty rubs her huge tits and hard nipples! 

Stunning Yoyo

Today’s farang ding dong update features a fresh face here. Yoyo is a very busty teen as you can see and we met her during a relaxing afternoon while we were taking a walk. We saw her humongous knockers and couldn’t resist asking her if she’d like to do some semi nude photo shoots to show off her giant breasts. And lucky for us she said yes, Enjoy!


Watch as this hot babe exposes her amazing breasts!

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